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USS ConstitutionThe Constitution:

I'm pulling your leg again, this link isn't for the Constitution we've been talking about. This is an incredible Minecraft model of one of our countries early navy ships, the USS Constitution. If you click on it you can see more pictures of this great model over on the site.


Constitution and American History Links

US FlagThe Federalist Papers - Discussions between the founders that wanted a stronger central government.

The Anti-Federalist papers - Discussions between the founders that were worried the central government would be too strong. This group included Patrick Henry, the "Give me liberty or give me death!" founder.

James Madison's notes - Notes on the Constitutional Convention if you want to see what the delegates at the convention actually had to say.

The Heritage Guide to The Constitution - A great, well organized site that breaks down the Constitution by subsections with papers by various history professors explaining the meanings.

The Government Archives - This link takes you to the "Charters of Freedom" site that collects the Decleration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.


Great entertaining learning sites

Constitutional Convention Video - The Peanuts kids talking about the Constitutional Convention.

No More Kings! - Schoolhouse Rock video.

The Shot Heard Around the World - Schoolhouse Rock video about the begining of the Revolution.

Preamble to the Constitution - Another Schoolhouse Rock video. This is a great way to remember the Preamble.

The Three Branches of Government - Song about the Executive, Legislative, and the Judicial branches of government.

.The Electoral College - How the President is elected and what the Electoral College does.

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Minecraft Links!

Minecraft skins - Site for customixing your character with Nova Skin.

Minecraft Skins & Maps - Planet Minecraft forum and sharing site.

Background image - Dirt background used for my site.

Mojang - The home of minecraft!

.Moving onward, CHARGE!